Monday, February 7, 2011

How to Fix the Printer Canon iP 2770 Orange Led Blinking 13 Times

Discussion this time on the blink 13 times Orange on Canon iP2770 Led indicator. This incident may be quite confusing for those who have never experienced it. OK just ...

When the printer is turned on seems OK, but after the printer is commanded to print, Led indicator light flashes 13 times Orange Canon iP2770 on this. Here's a picture that appears on the screen:

How to troubleshoot the indicator led is blinking Orange 13 times Canon iP2770:
  • If the Orange LED flashes 13 times with a monitor displaying the image as above, means the color catrid need reset (having runout).
  • Press the RESUME button for about ten seconds for the printer to proceed, then release.
  • If it appears again Led Orange flashes 13 times, meaning the black catridge also need to be reset (having runout), and the picture is as follows:
  • Same way that is press the Resume button about ten seconds for the printer to proceed, then release.
  • Done, Canon iP 2770 Printer Led flashes 13 times Orange will return to normal.
This often happens when the cartridge runs out finished refilled and then installed again.

Good luck ...


  1. Hi,
    I had trying to entering service mode but I can't have the service mode for my ip2770 printer. It stuck on orange light only and I can't turn it off without unplug the power cord. My cartridges is OK and no defects at them. Please help me

    1. same with me.i try all the procedure but pure solid orange only to solve that problem

  2. this procedure helps me with my iP2770

    thank you so much... :)