Monday, February 7, 2011

How to Reset MP145 Printer Error 27 (E27)

There was someone who sent the message via email to me and asking how to reset error 27 (E27) on the Canon MP145 printer, his intention I will reply to e-mail but when I reply, e-mail reply from I was not sent and an error occurs like this "Delivery to the Following recipient failed permanently." Maybe you were wrong to enter your e-mail. Okay, for you who had sent messages via e-mail because I could not reply, I'll post here just hopefully you can have time to read it and try practiced on your Canon MP145 Printer.

How to Reset MP145 Printer Error 27 (E27) :
  1. Turn the printer off (using the power button, not revoked powernya)
  2. Press the stop / reset (not released)
  3. Press the power button (until the power led is lit)
  4. Remove the stop / reset, press the stop / reset 2 times and release the power button.
  5. Wait until the LED seven segment (not led indicator) designate the number 0 (PART OF IMPORTANT)
  6. Press the stop / reset 4 times
  7. Press the Power button 1 time (paper roller will rotate, led indicator flashes)
  8. Wait until the LED stops blinking and the printer standby
  9. Press the power button to turn off the printer and if you can not pull the cord death
  10. Turn on again ... and if you succeed the printer is ready for use again
  • If not yet able to start again from step 1, because I've done this technique many times and succeeded in all. Hope can help .............


  1. Wonderful Article................!!!!!!!!!! Very informative

    Thanks for sharing

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  2. thanks.. this saved my printer... kudos

  3. This article really works! Thanks for sharing!

  4. How wonderful is it!
    I followed those steps mentioned in the article, and they work!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have try it frequently.. but i sadly says that its nog working and it show same problem (Error27).
    After appear "0" I press 4 times to reset/stop button and 1 time on/off button and unplug the power cord. And after plugin power cord and Power On to the printer .. it show again E27.. plz help me..